St. Nicholas Serbian Orthodox Church
Diocese of Eastern America
Johnstown, Pennsylvania
Memorial Saturday- Задушнице

Memorial Saturday - 06/03/17

  • Kontakion

With the saints give rest, O Christ, to the souls of Your servants,  where there is neither sickness nor sorrow, and no more sighing, but life everlasting.

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His Grace Bishop Irinej

His Grace Bishop Irinej and the Royal Couple visit - 04/20/17

It was a great honor to host Their Royal Highnesses. They were in awe of the outpouring of support from not only our parishoners, but from the non-Serbian people in attendance at the event as well. They loved their experience, and they will be back. Thank you all for your support in this memorable milestone.

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Greater Johnstown Pan-Orthodox Vespers

Lenten Vespers - 04/02/17

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Annual Diocesan Assembly-Boston

Annual Diocesan Assembly-Boston - 02/11/17

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Saint Sava Celebration

St. Sava I, First Archbishop of Serbia - 01/29/17

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KSS Slava Celebration

KSS Slava Celebration - 09/25/16

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St. Nicholas Slava Celebration

St. Nicholas Slava Celebration - 12/13/15

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Painting Party

Painting Party - 07/09/15

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Men's Club Installs Fence

Men's Club Installs Fence - 06/24/15

The St. Nicholas Men's Club lends a hand to install a fence at the parish house.  Click below to view the slideshow!

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Saint Sava Celebration

St. Sava Celebration - 01/25/15

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St. Nicholas Celebration 2014

St. Nicholas Slava Celebration - 12/21/14

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The Fresco Project

Fresco- Divine Love - 09/21/14

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St. Sava Shadeland Camp

St. Sava Shadeland Camp

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