Week #1 - 07/16/17

With the blessing of His Grace Bishop Irinej, the 2017 camp season begun on July 9.

Youth from across the Eastern S. Diocese and Canada gathered to share their faith, enhance their relationship with God, and connect with each other. Starting each day at St. Sava Shadeland Camp is the twenty minute morning service. After morning prayers in Church we have a busy and fun-filled day! The day is spent in a balanced mix of discussions, activities, worship, prayer and, of course, fun. Each day brings the opportunity for campers to connect with God, spend time together, and our staff in a slew of activities that ranges from Basketball, Volleyball, Swimming, Soccer, Serbian Singing, Dancing, and much more! Each evening we were gathering again for Vespers service and end each night with a camp wide activity. Six days spent without cell phones, iPods, TV, or Internet, the only thing to connect to is Christ, your fellow cabin mates, and the talented staff who give of their time, talents, and treasures who help and offer this unique camping experience.

This year’s camp season will close with the annual Diocesan Day celebration on Saturday, August 5, beginning with the celebration of the Hierarchical Divine Liturgy and followed with traditional program, featuring performances by the campers of Tambura Week, and picnic.

We would like to extend thanks to His Grace Bishop Irinej, V. Rev. Stav. Father Rodney Torbic, Rev. Father Vedran Grabic, counselors, cooks, parents and everyone else for making sure we had a fun and fulfilling camp experience during the first week.